Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Psalm 119: My Commitment to the Word

This is part 4/5 of my dissection of Psalm 119.

My Commitment to the Word
(Or what my commitment to the Word should look like.)

- I have promised to keep Your words.
- I consider my ways and turn my feet to Your testimonies.
- I hasten and do not delay to keep Your commandments.
- I am to meditate on His precepts and regard His ways.
- I must choose the faithful way, clinging to His testimonies, running the way of His commandments, always putting His ordinances before me.
- I am to trust in His word, waiting on His ordinances, keeping the law continually forever and ever.
- I am blessed if I walk in the law of the LORD, observe His testimonies, seek Him with all my heart, and walk in His ways, longing for and keeping His precepts diligently.
- I am to tell of the ordinances, rejoicing in the way of His Testimonies, as much as in all riches.
- My companions are also those who fear You and keep Your precepts.
- Affliction can be for my good, because then I learn to keep Your word, and God is faithful to afflict me.
- When the word is my delight, His compassion gives me life.
- Sometimes I have to wait with longing, but I must never forget or forsake His statutes and precepts.
- I must restrain my feet from every evil way, not turning aside from His ordinances that He has taught me, in order to keep His word.
- I hope for His salvation and do His commandments.
- God graciously deals with me according to His word.


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