Monday, July 18, 2011

The Candy Key

What is Summer Sunday School with out candy? It is barren, stale, lifeless. It's an empty void of games and sword drills with no rewards. Competitions with no prizes.

That was the huge trial our 3-5th graders were facing this Sunday. The candy was locked away in the closet, and I did not have the master key to open it. There were many grown-ups standing around, with lots of great keys that did good things, but none of them were the "right" key to get us what we really wanted: Candy.

We played Bible Bingo, and there were winners, but I just had to say, "Wait until next week for your reward." Some had memorized their scripture passage, but their reward, also, was locked behind the closed door.

Only through Tillie, the Sunday School Assistant, could that door be opened, but Tillie was away on vacation.

But there was good news! Tillie did not leave us forever! When she left, she promised that she would return, and when she did, the key to the candy door would be opened for all! Hallelujah! So although now, the class is stuck in the in-between time, doing good things and earning unseen rewards, trying to live as a faithful Sunday School Student, they are waiting for Tillie, because only through Tillie will they have access to the right key.


And yes, I did use this as an illustration in class. Did many kids understand it? I'm not sure. It's sort of like a parable of Jesus, "The Kingdom of Heaven is like..." And with all parables, you can only take them at face value, not over-analyze them.

So for those who are asking, "What is this post all about? Candy? Huh?" Jesus came, died, and rose again... He didn't stay dead! After visiting with hundreds of people, He returned to Heaven, but has promised to come back to earth. In the meantime, we are to tell others about Him! There are many keys in the world, but Jesus is the only One with the Key to eternity with the Father.

Jesus said Himself, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." (John 14:6).

Sometimes it's hard to wait. Sometimes we get squirmy in our seats. We grumble when we're doing our sword drills or making crafts, and when the other kids pull our pig tails or take our seats, we consider giving up.

But don't lose heart! When He returns, with the symbolic key to the candy door, all will be made right! Come quickly, Lord Jesus!


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