Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Coconut Oil Face Wash and Moisturizer: Pinterest Success!

Last summer, I set out on a journey to find the best natural facewash and moisturizer. My tween daughters needed to add this to their daily routine, and I didn't want to load them on chemicals if I didn't have to. Enter the scene: Coconut Oil.

I ended up making Coconut Oil Facewash for all of us, and we love it! I made another batch last week for a friend.

I can't tell you how much I've loved using this combination for my facewash and moisturizer. I followed most of the instructions here: Camp Wander.

Basically, you add coconut oil, olive oil, and an essential oil (I use Lavender) for the face wash, and then use plain coconut oil for the moisturizer. (I buy mine at Costco).

Here are daily instructions:
  1. Spread cleanser evenly over your face. You may use it as eye makeup remover too. 
  2. Wet a cloth with hot water and hold it against your face. Rinse and do it again. You are steaming your skin and opening your pores. 
  3. Then use the cloth to wipe off the oil. 
  4. Use a smaller amount of the moisturizer and pat it lightly on your face. (This winter was so dry, I put it on thick!) You can use the moisturizer on your whole body if you like. The oil absorbs quickly into your skin.
  • Sometimes before I take a shower, I'll put the cleanser on my face and wipe it off while I'm in there.
  • I just used lavender in the cleanser to keep it gentle. You can add melrose or tea tree oil if you feel like you need extra blemish control. 
  • Also, coconut oil hardens above 76 degrees. So just put it on your finger tips, rub them together, and it melts.

The blogger I followed says:

"If you're prone to break outs, coconut oil is great.  It will open up the pores and release built up toxins that have accumulated from various skin products, dirt, trapped oil etc. There is a possibility that during the detox period you could suffer a breakout resulting from the toxins being pushed up to the surface but it will subside once the pores are cleansed.  Believe it or not, this protocol is excellent for the acne prone."

You can read more about the potential benefits of Coconut Oil HERE.

What should be next on my list of Pinterest Challenges? Check out my boards and let me know:
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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Dinosaur Toothbrush Holder: Pinterest SUCCESS

For my little man's birthday, I made him a dinosaur toothbrush holder. I attacked this dinosaur with a drill and a bit, and though the battle was intense, I conquered.

I think I used that power tool in a way it was never intended to be used, but the toothbrushes fit, and everyone is happy. And isn't it soooo fun?

Pinterest: SUCCESS!

Travel LEGO Box: Pinterest Success!

Next on my Pinterest mission was to make a travel LEGO box for my little man's birthday. I got the idea from HERE.

I used a diaper wipe container. It had an oval "pop out" area in the center, so it wasn't flat, but I cut that out with an exacto knife and then put the green plates on both the inside and the outside with hot glue. The plates cut easily with a sharp pair of scissors.

He loves it! His big brother is asking for one now. :)

Monday, March 3, 2014

Popsicle Stick Chore Chart: Pinterest SUCCESS

I tried yet another Pinterest item today in my quest to actually do the things I've pinned. (I also did one of the exercise plans, but I don't think I can count it as done until I've done it for at least, well, a week or so.)

I got the original idea from here: Chore Chart.

Basically, on one side is a chore or school task, and the other side has a color. Once they get the task finished, they flip the stick. My boys took out a bag of foamies and added some little people to the sticks too.

For my 4 year old, he also has 4 "15 Minutes of Computer Time" sticks that he can trade in after he's finished the other sticks. Basically, these are a way to keep me accountable, because when teaching the other kids, it's so much easier to just have him on a computer game than doing something more worthwhile. So this keeps both of us accountable!

We made them and used them today, and so far so good. The boys seem into it, so maybe it will last. And, I don't have to say, "Have you cleaned your room?" I can say, "Have you done all of your popsicle sticks?" I think it sounds less naggy. At least for now. :)

What fun ways have you found to keep up with chores and tasks?

PS - I didn't realize that I didn't know how to spell "popsicle" until I tried typing it multiple times.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Homemade Dog Booties: Pinterest Fail

I started my Pinterest Challenge to myself today, which is basically to actually do some of the stuff I've pinned!

My first task was Home Made Dog Booties. I followed these steps: INSTRUCTIONS.

They were so simple! Best of all, I used items I had around the house. An old denim placemat, some elastic I saved from thrown away fitted sheets, a pair of leather boots bound for Goodwill, and some velcro off of a costume I was going to toss.

It took a couple of hours due to sewing machine fun, but all in all, they work!


  1. Do use stretchy fabric. It's kind of a challenge to get them on. In fact, I think it might take longer to get the shoes on than it takes to wipe the snow off of his feet. (bummer)
  2. Do make one first before cutting out all the fabric so that if it's tight, you'll know. (oops)
  3. DO NOT USE the wrong leather shoes!!!

Yes, this is where it becomes a major FAIL. My daughter and I have similar boots. I used her perfectly fine boot.

Yes, you read that right. Instead of my worn-out boots, I just merrily cut into her nice, real-leather boots we found on clearance this fall, that were a little big so they still fit.

After a dozen apologies and a few tears, I think she's agreed to forgive me.

But not sure if I'll get over it personally. These "inexpensive, resourceful" booties just turned into a pretty pricey pair!

But hey, that's something crossed off my list. I wonder how expensive this Pinterest thing is really going to end up being!

Next: Actually doing a few exercises that I got around to printing out...

What are you working on?

From Pinning to Doing

I posted on Facebook: What would my life look like if I actually made the time to do some of the fun, creative, healthy things I've pinned on Pinterest? (I ask as I sit at my computer in my sweat pants, pinning work outs and educational games...)

A friend then told me about a blogger who made it her goal to blog about actually doing things she's pinned.

I thought it was a great idea!

Stick around - this might end up turning into a "Pinterest - FAILS" blog! LOL!

Just to get me motivated, here's a real food item I actually made at Thanksgiving, as inspired by a pin:

Aren't they cute turkeys? I'm going to start by printing out some of those workouts I've pinned.

Want to join me? What are you going to try doing this week?