Sunday, March 2, 2014

Homemade Dog Booties: Pinterest Fail

I started my Pinterest Challenge to myself today, which is basically to actually do some of the stuff I've pinned!

My first task was Home Made Dog Booties. I followed these steps: INSTRUCTIONS.

They were so simple! Best of all, I used items I had around the house. An old denim placemat, some elastic I saved from thrown away fitted sheets, a pair of leather boots bound for Goodwill, and some velcro off of a costume I was going to toss.

It took a couple of hours due to sewing machine fun, but all in all, they work!


  1. Do use stretchy fabric. It's kind of a challenge to get them on. In fact, I think it might take longer to get the shoes on than it takes to wipe the snow off of his feet. (bummer)
  2. Do make one first before cutting out all the fabric so that if it's tight, you'll know. (oops)
  3. DO NOT USE the wrong leather shoes!!!

Yes, this is where it becomes a major FAIL. My daughter and I have similar boots. I used her perfectly fine boot.

Yes, you read that right. Instead of my worn-out boots, I just merrily cut into her nice, real-leather boots we found on clearance this fall, that were a little big so they still fit.

After a dozen apologies and a few tears, I think she's agreed to forgive me.

But not sure if I'll get over it personally. These "inexpensive, resourceful" booties just turned into a pretty pricey pair!

But hey, that's something crossed off my list. I wonder how expensive this Pinterest thing is really going to end up being!

Next: Actually doing a few exercises that I got around to printing out...

What are you working on?

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Dena said...

Oh, what a bummer!!