Monday, March 3, 2014

Popsicle Stick Chore Chart: Pinterest SUCCESS

I tried yet another Pinterest item today in my quest to actually do the things I've pinned. (I also did one of the exercise plans, but I don't think I can count it as done until I've done it for at least, well, a week or so.)

I got the original idea from here: Chore Chart.

Basically, on one side is a chore or school task, and the other side has a color. Once they get the task finished, they flip the stick. My boys took out a bag of foamies and added some little people to the sticks too.

For my 4 year old, he also has 4 "15 Minutes of Computer Time" sticks that he can trade in after he's finished the other sticks. Basically, these are a way to keep me accountable, because when teaching the other kids, it's so much easier to just have him on a computer game than doing something more worthwhile. So this keeps both of us accountable!

We made them and used them today, and so far so good. The boys seem into it, so maybe it will last. And, I don't have to say, "Have you cleaned your room?" I can say, "Have you done all of your popsicle sticks?" I think it sounds less naggy. At least for now. :)

What fun ways have you found to keep up with chores and tasks?

PS - I didn't realize that I didn't know how to spell "popsicle" until I tried typing it multiple times.

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