Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saying 'Cheese' 14,000 Times

This weekend I received my 2007 Family Photo Album in the mail. For the past 4 years I've abandoned my previous passion of scrapbooking and have used Shutterfly Albums. They look like yearbooks. In less than a week I can finish an album and have it at my house in a few days. This sure beats the year-long scrapbooking process that I just don't have time for, not to mention the room the large books take up on the shelves. These tiny, neat little books fit perfectly!

I take too many pictures. Everyone will tell you that. I have 31.7 gig of pictures from 2007. My camera does take large pictures, but that is over 14,000 files! And, I have have to point out, these do not include my business pictures from weddings and portrait sittings. A hobby? A passion? An obsession?

I'm getting better, though. Although I will still, occasionally, take a series of 100 pictures of the same thing, I've learned to take one or two pictures per event right away. Doing that quickly frees me up to actually use my hands for something other than pushing a shutter button. I can go across the monkey bars, jump on the trampoline, and light the birthday candles.

I've also learned to take convenient group shots. Baby Shower? Get a picture of the whole group. Family outing? Set the timer. A few group shots help easily capture the moment in the scrapbook without necessitating the need for a family paparazzi.

I'm getting myself into the album! After being the one behind the camera and never in the pictures over the last few years, I decided to work harder at being pictured. That means I say, "Hey, can you take a picture of me doing this with so and so?" It worked! I actually exist in 2007.

I'm also teaching photography to my kids. I love the photos Katie captures. They are at her level, so I can see what a crowded restaurant table looks like when you barely make it above the ketchup. They got a kid tough digital camera for Christmas and are having fun running around the house with it. They've also caught quite a few non-flattering pictures of me, but thankfully I know where the delete button is.

I love it! I don't see myself giving up the hobby any time soon. So before we're together next, it might be wise to start practicing your "Cheese!"

QUIZ: Do you know where in Indianapolis I took the self-portrait above?


Stephanie said...

Hi Becky- how fun! I also love pictures, but don't take nearly as many as I used to. It should be easier with digital, shouldn't it? By the way, did you take some photography classes to get into it, esp. business-wise? How did you start into that? Just curious.

Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

I don't know exactly how I found you, but I do have a question... what kind of camera do you use? I'm in the market for a nice one and would like to know if you like yours? Pros/cons? Also, I'd like to know how you answered Stephanie's questions, too! :)


Becky said...

I’ve been taking pictures for as long as I can remember. I really started trying to make them look nice when my first daughter was born. I didn’t take any photography classes. I just started practicing on people. Eventually, word got around and it turned into a business!

I use a Nikon D50 for my nicer shots. For everyday, I have a sony cybershot (the pink one) that fits into my purse. I like the little videos too! :)

Anonymous said...

Curious- what's the dig cam you got for the kids? Now that you've had it a while, do you still like it?


Anonymous said...

Just curious - what dig cam did you get for your kids? Now that you've had it a while, are you still satisfied with it?


Becky said...

Hi Susie. I use a Nikon D50 for my nicer shots, but for every day I have a sony cybershot (the pink one) that fits into my purse.

I love them both!! Of course my Nikon takes awesome pictures, but for the portability, I'm equally as hapyp with the Sony, especially for outdoor shots.

Anonymous said...

Oh, thanks, but I meant the one you said you got for the kids? I have seen there is one by v-tech, and fisherprice... We're thinking of getting one, just curious how yours is holding up and what you like/dislike about it now that you've had it a while?

Thanks again!

Becky said...

Oh! I'm not impressed with it (Fisher Price Kid Tough), and unfortunately, neither are my kids. If I were to do it again, I'd spend a bit more and get them a real digital camera. Those "Kid" ones are $40-50, and I think I'd rather pay more and get them something that takes pictures they're proud to print. The quality is pretty lousy.

Although, my oldest is 7. For my 2 year old, he doesn't care. So it probably depends on the age.

Anonymous said...

Good to know, thanks again!!