Monday, February 4, 2008

Leader of the Pack

I was upstairs playing with Nathan on his train set. He decided to be a mean motorcycle, knocking all the trains off the track. It was funny and he wasn't hurting anyone, so I let him explore the idea of being a bully. My trains ran from him, and though they sometimes resisted, he successfully became king of the train track.

Not long into the game, Lee came in. I left to dry my hair, and Lee took over. But did Dad let the mean motorcycle bully him around? No way! You can imagine the scene. Dad found a bigger, silver train that was easily able to stand up to the little biped.

I started laughing as I heard what was going on. As a mom, I was letting him act out his little scenario, exploring and playing and learning. But as the dad, he wasn't about to let him be king of the hill with out earning the spot on top!

I'm reading the Jungle Book to the girls (full version, kind of over their heads...), and we had just finished a chapter where the wolves were vying for their leadership position. I guess that's what guys do! And I'm still getting a good laugh out of it.

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