Sunday, July 8, 2012

VBS Memories

Mommy Mondays

Today starts my favorite week of the year:

Vacation Bible School!

The name brings back childhood memories of red Kool-Aid mustaches and sandwich cookies on napkins. I remember our church would have a contest between the boys and the girls: who brought in the most money. Kids came in with sandwich bags bulging with pennies, their hands smelling like spare change. One year there was a train in the front that moved across the stage on a string as the money came in.

I get to work in the 1st grade class tomorrow with my son. It's a nature park theme, and our room is called "The Foxes." I considered getting myself a red shirt and writing on it "Foxes," but then decided against it...

I've realized in this post that I really don't know how to spell the word "sandwich." Auto Correct is certainly my friend.

What about you? What comes to mind when you remember VBS as a child? What do your kids look forward to?

VBS 2011


Marie said...

I loved playing games with those parachutes you would run underneath! My son goes for the first time in two weeks - Can't wait!

Karen J said...

My first vbs as a 4 year old, I made a clay handprint. It hung on my wall for many years, and is in my cedar chest now. I associated that piece of art with the loving ladies who I met at that church...maybe my first introduction to Jesus!

BeckyE said...

Marie - parachutes are so fun! I hope your VBS goes well.

Karen - What a sweet memory. I'd love to see that handprint sometime. :)