Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Overcoming Evil

Words for Wednesdays

Evil is everywhere. Dark alleys. Terrorist countries. Movie Theaters.

And though these places seem daunting, evil is also found at the dining room table, the school bus, and the conference table. 

We are surrounded by evil, but God tells us not to be overcome by it. Instead, we are to overcome - we are to win! 

In his booklet How to Overcome Evil, Jay Adams explains from Romans 12 what weapons God has given us to win the battle. Adams encourages, "The Great General never commands His troops to do anything that they cannot do." In short, we are to overcome this evil with good.

Does it seem unrealistic?  Do you find that you're overcoming evil and winning the battle, or are you withdrawing to a peace-fire on the sidelines?

Some of us live in fear. We hear the news, and we cower. Jay Adams says, "When Christians fear evil and evil doers, they do so only because they are unsure or unskilled in the use of their own weapons."

And too often, we fight with the evil weapons of the world. A harsh word. A deceitful tactic. A strategic but sinful plan. Malicious slander. A critical ungracious eye of judgement.

"You simply cannot overcome evil by spreading about more of the same!" Adams says.

I believe this booklet should be on every Christian's must-read list. The principles that Adams sets out from his careful study of Romans 12 will change your life. They’re changing mine. Adams is matter-of-fact and does not pull any punches. At times, he's really in your face. It’s a short read, but there is not a single sentence wasted. 

I recommend it for those who are being unjustly treated. On the flip side, it’s also great for those who find themselves often judging others or trying to control their environment and can’t seem to change. 
A Favorite Part:

Near the end of the book, Adams relates a story of when he was speaking to a group of students, encouraging them to press on. A professor objected to his speech, accusing him of flattery. Adams did not know what to say, as he had never been charged with flattery before, and later he came up with his response should he ever find himself being judged for his motives - matters of the heart - again.

"Sir, you have sinned against me; you have judged my motives. God doesn't grant you that right. But I am prepared to forgive you if you repent."

Perhaps you feel like a helpless victim. Or maybe you have been on the other side. Basically, everyone could use this good reminder. 

"He who overcomes,
I will grant to him to sit down with Me on My throne,
as I also overcame,
and sat down with My Father on His throne."
Revelation 3:21

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