Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Math Made Fun

Teacher Tuesdays

After finishing up her final math lesson for the summer, my 11 YO leaned back dramatically in her chair and sighed, "Mom, I just don't know what I would have done without Times Tales!"

Have you heard of Times Tales? It's a pneumonic way of learning your upper multiplication facts. We had to learn the old fashioned way with flash cards and sheer will power. My very creative daughter was able to learn with pictures and stories, in about a month. And she still knows them.

But Times Tales isn't just for those who are struggling. My other daughter, who's great at math, loved it, and it really moved her forward.

I should mention that though the name implies multiplication, they learn their division facts too by finding out what is missing in the story (AKA equation).

Multiplication and Division made fun. I never thought it was possible. Where was this when I was a kid?


Dena said...

Just saw this. Thanks for sharing! Great blog!

BeckyE said...

Thanks, Dena! And a GIANT thank you to you and your friends for designing such an excellent program. I feel it a privilege to know you. :)