Monday, July 2, 2012

Big Words, Big Laughs

Mommy Mondays

"Mommy, your phone is evaporating."

Memory Lane: At 3 Years Old
My 6 year old son has always had a way with words. For example, he hardly uses contractions. Especially when he was learning to talk, he'd say "cannot" and "did not." Even with songs, he'd replace contractions with the full words. "I am in a fight not physical. I am in a war, but not with this world."

His favorite adjective for years was steaming. He ran steaming fast. His Popsicle was steaming cold.

Lately, he's been using very large words, in the funniest way! He's told me a few times, "Mommy, your phone is evaporating" when he meant vibrating.
Recent, 2012

Just last week, he was looking in on the hermit crab and assured me, "Don't worry, mom, he's still dehydrating." Ummm... hibernating?

And after learning about WWI fighter pilots and the dangers they faced, he explained to my husband that they used "ketchup gas."

I hope he knows that when we laugh, it's because we think it's hysterical - and not that we're laughing at him. It's just so hard to hold it in sometimes. And he has the greatest laugh that causes his eyes to shine, and I love when he joins in with us on the fun.

Kids are so funny. What are some funny things that yours have said? Did you laugh, or hold it in?


Anonymous said...

I heard some 10 year old girls discussing that there are 2 types of music: Christian and sex-u-lar. (secular!) I was glad they didn't see me bust a gut!

BeckyE said...

Hahaha! That's classic! Love it :)