Thursday, February 24, 2011

Toliver's Loaf of Bread - minus the snuff box

I love reading. I hate baking. But, in honor of finishing the book Toliver's Secret, the kids and I baked 2 loafs of white bread. I used this recipe.

The dough was so sticky and gooey it was impossible to kneed. I was getting very frustrated until the girls and I started laughing about it. We looked like monsters with slimy hands. I would have taken a picture, but my hands would have stuck to the camera.

We finally got the risen dough into the loaf pans, and the finished product looked beautiful. It tasted ok, but it was chewy and heavy. I wouldn't want to make it again.

So, I need a little help here. What are the secrets to perfect bread? Did I add too much extra flour? If so, then how in the world was I supposed to kneed that sticky, pasty substance? I should add that I don't have a bread maker or fancy mixer.

On a good note, we loved the book. I was almost in tears of relief and excitement at the end myself!

We are learning American History this year by reading literature, with a combination of Beautiful Feet, Truth Quest, and Sonlight suggestions. It has been so much fun! In fact, we are enjoying the Revolutionary War so much and have so many good books to choose from, we might just stay here the rest of the school year.

Have you read anything inspiring lately? And... how do I fix the bread?


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