Friday, February 11, 2011

Alone Time with Mom

Four kids seems like an army to some, while just the beginning for others. For us, it's perfect. However, I will say that it can be challenging to make time for all of them. Home Schooling is a huge blessing when it comes to this because I need to do work individually with each of the children, but I doubt they count math problems as "mom time," even though I think they should. They probably see me more as "teacher."

When my daughter turned 9, I started getting up a little earlier with her on Friday mornings. We are reading Beautiful Girlhood together. It is such a delightful book! These mornings are priceless. During our alone times, we opens up her heart. Just this morning, she shared with me all the lessons she's learned, now that she's nine, that she didn't know back when she was only eight. I'd share them here, because they are so sweet, but then, I don't want to break her confidence.

When she was only five.
The chapter we discussed was on sincerity. We had moments of tears when she realized she hadn't been a sincere friend, or as she remembered occasions when others were not kind to her. I shared some of my own struggles with this. There have been times when someone I thought was a friend turned out to be the opposite, and times when I haven't been a true friend myself. We ended acknowledging that we need to ask God to make us more loving, since love comes from God.

I haven't figured out a good plan to spend regular time with the others, but I try and get moments in when I can; helping me cook, playing a game, reading a book. I would like to be more proactive about it. I suppose I could designate a different morning of the week to each child, but then I'll lose my morning time in prayer and Bible Study, and getting up even earlier just seems like an unthinkable thing for this night owl.

For awhile last year, I gave each child a day of the week, and on their day, they got 30 minutes with mom. It worked really well! It just sort of dropped by the wayside. I'm sure, though, no one would complain if I started it up again.

What about you? Did your mom spend special time with you? If you are a mom, do you try and spend time alone with your kids, or is it not a priority? Overall, knowing that they are loved and cared for matters most of all, whether it's alone or together as a family. Give your kids an extra hug today!

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