Thursday, April 19, 2007

Kid's Sale!!!

Every year my friends and I participate in a Kid's Stuff Sale at a local church. It's really big, fills an entire gymnasium, and all the clothes are in great shape and free from stains, holes, etc. I probably only buy my kids a couple items the rest of the year that I didn't get from this sale.

It really is a big deal. For five years now we've worked the sale because you get to shop the night before. Even for the pre-shop, people line up an hour ahead of time! For the last 3 years, we've been first in line. Yes, we're dorks. And we love it. Every year I say I'm going to make T-Shirts with "Kid Sale Crazies" on them but I forget. This year was no different. The best part is that its a MOPS group that organizes it and we're so into it but we don't belong to their MOPS group. I wonder what they think of us.... Those Crazy College Park Ladies...

This is the first year we've sold anything. It's about time. After being practically the top-buyer 5 years in a row, I think it was time to give back! We filled an entire truck and cab with boxes and bags... and that doesn't include the stuff we sold at our own pre-sale last weekend!

I know this probably doesn't interest anyone, but its all I can think about tonight. I'm not prepared for the pre-sale tomorrow at all. I usually go through the kids clothes, plan out exactly what they need, and bring my handy paper to the sale. But you know what, I never use my "plan" so I decided not to mess with it this year. If there's something I like I'll buy it. After all, even the best clearance items at the retail stores can't come close to a $1 The Children's Place Dress!

So I should head to bed - it's a big day! We work the sale in the morning (preparing, setting up, etc), go to the pre-sale that night, and then head out for appetizers after. Its really a fun but exhausting day. I can't wait!

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