Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Computer Time

I used to savor my computer time - like a sweet dip in a pool on a hot and humid day. But this week I started doing the accounting work for our business. I actually enjoy the work and I like knowing what is going on, but the 2-3 hours/day I've been doing on that has been sapping my other lovely computer time. Being online right now is more like running through a cold sprinkler. More annoying than refreshing.

The good part is that I'm currently spending my time getting the database set-up and up to date. After that the work should be less time-consuming.

The hard part is that I'm not an accountant, nor am I good at numbers. Thankfully people who are both have developed software for people like me! The help menus are amazing - there are even video tutorials for just about everything. I still wonder if I'm doing it right - I guess time will tell. So far the books balance!

My friend reminded me of Moses at the burning bush. God asked him to do a job, provided endless proofs that God would take care of him, but he still resisted, "But God, I'm not a good speaker." I've known that this is a way I could help for awhile, but I just sqirmed and wiggled and whined, "But God, I'm not good at math!" Hopefully I'll be able to do the job well and we won't have to call Aaron!

I tried uploading my favorite Calvin and Hobbes Math Cartoons, but they were too small to read. You can see some here: Math Quotes.

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