Sunday, April 1, 2007

Kids 'N Pets

I have to write about my all-time favorite cleaning product, Kids 'N Pets, All-Purpose. It comes in a giant squirt bottle, and I buy mine at Walmart.

Carpets: When my potty training kids or dog go on the carpet or mattress, you just blot up what you can and then soak it with KNP. Then you let it evaporate and its gone! It's a miracle worker for mattresses.

Laundry: I have so many success stories. The best ones are when I'd washed and dried a pair of Lee's pants with grease stains and a pair of Abby's pants with grass stains. I squirted it on, rubbed a little with a brush, and the stains literally disappeared before my eyes! Sometimes the stains don't come out until after the wash, and a few things I've had to do more than once, but for the most part it works the first time. Better than anything else I've tried, and there's no time-consuming, sink-hogging soaking to worry about.

Today, Nate wore a beautiful blue shirt from Nicaragua that is sentimental to my brother's family. We had an Easter egg hunt outside and he was covered in chocolate. It sat there on him in the sun all day. So tonight, I used Kids 'N Pets and a brush and even before I've washed it, it looks like new!

I love it! (Obviously)

Wow, I'm noticing that this blog is very random...

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Jack said...

Well I for one have to agree with you. Mom and I have two big bottles of this stuff that we use to clean up after seven granchildren and one little puppy. Thanks for the tip.