Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Small World Moments

I love small world moments. Like the other day I was driving along a country road and someone flashed their lights at me. A few moments later, another car flashed his lights at me. I got the picture and made sure my speed was within the legal limits.

I saw a few more flashes before I spied the policeman with his gun on the side of the road. I was so thankful, that I flashed the people that I came across. Three people smiled and waved in thanks! It was a warming kind of moment.

At the museum, I never remember my membership card, and the same man has been at the membership desk for years. We exchange pleasantries about nothing in particular. At a recent visit, though I didn't see him, he helped my friend sign in. It turns out, he's started going to our church and recognized me there. Huh! Small world!

And then this week, while at the drive-up at the bank, the teller recognized me from his sister's facebook page. His sister and I are in dramas together at church. I just laughed.

None of these moments were monumental or life changing, but it makes me think - about all the people I see. Strangers everywhere. Everyone is a stranger until they become a friend.

So I grew pretty reflective... making a first impression isn't just about looking good so that I get ahead. I'm supposed to be representing Jesus to a watching world. I pray that they impression the world sees isn't a frazzled mom in the store or a hurried, impatient customer.

It's all about Him... and every little moment matters.

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David Tauriainen said...

I've had more small world moments associated with your church than anywhere else.