Friday, January 14, 2011

A Valuable Lesson for a Friday

While sitting here thinking about what to blog about today, my son came up and asked me to separate two flat LEGO pieces.  Instinctively, I tried to use my teeth, but then thought, "Stop!"

So I'll tell you the story of when I vowed to stop using my teeth.

But I'll back up.  I used to use my teeth for everything.  Cutting strings, removing tags, breaking apart LEGOs... they were the always handy pair of scissors/pliers in one!  Then a few months ago, when shopping with friends, I found this great knock-off necklace in a cheap store that looked just like the Silpada necklace I have drooled over... only it was about $150 less.  So, I paid $10 and walked out pretty proud of myself.  I laughed with my friend, "This necklace will be great until it breaks!"

Then later in a dressing room, guess what: It broke.  So, I immediately used my teeth to push the link back together.  Voi-la!

But when walking out of the dressing room, my tooth scratched my lip - I had chipped my tooth!

I had a photo shoot the next afternoon.  I couldn't go with a chipped front tooth!  I immediately called my dentist and scheduled a repair for first thing the next morning.

I was so mad at myself.  I thought, "For the cost of the dentist appointment, I could have bought the REAL Silpada necklace.  Oh why did I buy that *@#blasted#@! cheap necklace?!?"

The good news is, the dental assistant laughed at my story and after 2 quick swipes of the sander, my tooth was fine, and she didn't charge me.  So I vowed to use the money I would have spent at the dentist to buy a pocket knife... which I did.

So today, when I went to use my teeth to separate the LEGOs, I paused and grabbed my pocket knife.  It was a little tricky honestly, and I came close to slicing my finger open, but in the end, the pieces were separated and I was the hero.

So there.  Now you know a little bit more about me.  Have a great weekend!

PS - I have never once worn the cheap necklace.  So, in reality, I'm glad I never spent the money on the Silpada one! LOL!

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