Friday, January 7, 2011

Ben Franklin's Many Hats

I love teaching my kids.  I get to learn all over again! 

We just finished the Ingri D'Auliare book "Benjamin Franklin."  He was a writer, printer, the post master for 13 colonies, governor, inventor, librarian, first ambassador to France, and co-writer of our Constitution and Declaration of Independence, not to mention father and husband.  And all this I just gathered from a short biography!  Now I'm eager to learn more - possibly read a good adult biography of his life.  (Any suggestions?)

I am inspired by his brilliance and wit, his well-rounded talent, and his lack of enthusiasm for menial tasks.  (Which is why he didn't end up a candle maker.)  Boy, I can relate!  Laundry, anyone?

But who he really reminds me of is my husband.  I should start a blog about the funny and adventurous things we've seen and done thanks to his ingenuity.  Like the tube that hung in our kitchen all winter... I'll have to explain that later...

Keep learning!

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