Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I guess I forgot THAT was in the Bible...

Last November, I took the challenge:  Read through my Bible in 90 days.  I dated the top of the chart, November 11, 2010.  And I began.

I'm about 9 "days" into the plan.  Oh yes, I read my Bible on a regular basis, but the 15 chapters a day just aren't happening.  But I'm still plugging along!  And at least the plan fits on one sheet of paper, and I don't have a bunch of little check lists.  I just mark off the day when I finally finish it.

For each chapter, I'm writing down a verse in a brand new journal that is meaningful for me.  There are some real winners!  It's been exciting to skim through them, getting a glance at all the Lord is showing me in His Word.

But then it all stopped... I reached Leviticus.  And as I searched and searched the chapters for SOMETHING meaningful to write down from some of the chapters, something that didn't make me blush or squirm, I've had a really hard time.

Once I cheated and wrote the first verse of the chapter, "Then the Lord said to Moses and Aaron."  Does that count?  Or is it cheating?

But come on... have you read Leviticus 15 lately?  Am I really supposed to write down Lev 15:16?  Let me just say that it will not appear on my children's Bible memory schedules anytime soon.  I'd read my Bible through in High School, but somehow forgot this part.  (Selective memory?)

And though I know in my heart I could just skip Leviticus all together and it wouldn't be sin... I could jump right past the rest of the Pentateuch and into Joshua... I probably won't.  Because it is actually kind of fun.

Like it says that a woman is in her "illness" when experiencing her monthly symptoms.  Hey, can I take a sick day and stay in bed?  Have the kids bring me breakfast and I'll watch TV and drink ginger ale?

Well, probably not the best application of the text... but it was something to ponder.

Overall, through Leviticus I've seen how messy and dirty and sinful we are compared to a Holy God, and I'm thankful for His forgiveness... just read it for yourself.  We are a mess!  Praise Jesus!

I do have one nagging question I can't find an answer to... what did it mean to be "unclean" practically?  If someone was "unclean until evening," what exactly is that?  Were they not allowed to touch others?  Did they have to be separated?  Could they just not enter the temple?  Or was it just that they were unclean but it didn't change how they lived?  Does anyone know?


Becky said...

While I was writing this, I ran across 2 other really funny blogs about the same thing!



traylormade said...

Thanks for the link. I'm almost finished with Deuteronomy and have found some doozies there too. (Like Deut. 25:11-12)

Amy@ MomsToolbox said...

I'm excited for you that you were giving it a go to read the whole Bible in 90 Days. I've got a gang reading through together on MomsToolbox.. there are about 1,000 of us. Why don't you join us? The accountability really helps. :) We tweet about it, too, using #B90Days.

Lori said...

Okay Becky,

After reading this post my curiosity finally got the better of me (and my truly unintentional and unexplainable procrastination) and I actually read my first book in the Bible. Yes, my first taste of Gods Holy Word was...Leviticus!
Really?! Seriously?! What the wha??? That being said, I did totally relate to Traylormade's comment (in her blog) "I began to understand anew the freedom that Christ has given me." I am certain I would have failed miserably with those laws! Can't wait for the next book. I hear Numbers is equally as exhilerating!