Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lessons from GG

I know this is my third post about my grandma, but that's just where my mind is right now. Here is part of what I spoke about today at her memorial service. I spoke last, and I had a really hard time getting it out there! It was a beautiful service, though, and I'm thankful to everyone who helped make it special.

So in tears, I said: 

Just this afternoon, 2 of my kids were arguing over where to sit during lunch. I remembered a story of where GG told my aunt and uncle, who were fighting, to sit at a table and look at each other. I took my kids’ plates and put them in a different room and told them to sit there and eat nicely. My daughter said, “You mean together?”

And on another note, I had a successful potty training morning. I learned how to potty train from GG. I figured if she taught six kids, including twins, then I could learn more from her than a book about parenting.
What I remember about GG from my childhood includes her love of dogs, potato strings, games, puzzles, books, lobster, and her family. But as I grew into an adult and had children of my own, what I learned from her were much larger life lessons.

Sure, she was teaching me how to crochet, do needlepoint, and sew a straight hem, and she was teaching me how to be wise and frugal with my money, even using the comics as wrapping paper.

But she was also teaching me to keep my mouth shut when I had nothing good to say.

She was teaching me how to endure pain and trials with gracefulness and perseverance.

She was teaching me to love my family and friends with an unconditional love.

She was teaching me to not lose my temper when chaos surrounds me.

She was teaching me to be humble, and that I’m never too old to learn something new.

She was teaching me to spread joy everywhere I went, through laughs and a good attitude founded in a faith that God was in control.

And I miss her so much, because I still have so much to learn. On all of these things, I have a very long way to go, and I miss her example of what it means to love Jesus and then, in turn, to show that love others.


Lisa Tortorello said...

Your grandmother sounds like she was a truly lovely she is watching over you from above.

Stephen M.Zumbo said...

Thank you, Becky.