Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What blogs do you read?

We have so much to read. Online news websites, blogs on every topic, magazines, newspapers, books, and educational material are just some of our options.

Online, you could spend all day reading and reading and reading.

When it comes to blogs, what keeps you coming back to a particular site? Do you use a reader, or just bookmarks? Is there a length of blog that interests you?

For me, there are a handful of blogs I read all the time. I like blogs that make me laugh. I have enough "information" coming at me all day long, and if I need info on a particular topic, I just Google it. When I want some online fun-reading time, I look for humor.

What about you?

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Them Pates said...

I usually just follow blogs of people that we know to keep up with them and their families. But there is one blog that just really challenges me, breaks my heart and inspires me. It leads me to Jesus. It is . This amazing young woman is living out what Jesus has called her to and is blessing so many.