Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Breakfast: Update

Last weekend I posted our Easter Morning Breakfast plan. Here's how it turned out!

When I opened the crescent rolls, they smelled funny. My darling husband accidentally bought garlic butter rolls. Oops! I didn't think they'd taste good with cinnamon and marshmallows! So we used some jumbo biscuits that I had in the fridge.

We rolled them out, buttered and seasoned the marshmallows, and wrapped them up. We sealed the tomb with tape and set a stuffed-animal to guard it.

But, when they were done, the "bodies" didn't disapear. They fluffed up and were huge! The kids and I started laughing. My 7-YO had the idea that they were the bodies that busted out of their tombs after Jesus died. We thought that was a good idea!

So the general idea was a failure, but the taste was amazing. It's definately a recipe we'll use again just for fun! We had the leftovers this morning, and they were just as good the second day.

Next year, we'll try it again with crescent rolls. I guess it's a good reminder that every illustration--no matter how clever-- falls short to the reality of what Jesus did for us Easter weekend.

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