Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spotlighting Jesus: Easter Ideas Day 3

Hi! Sorry I skipped yesterday. We have a new little boy from Safe Families in the house, and computer time was, well, not happening. :) I'm taking a break tonight, after they're in bed, to share a few more goodies.

Easter Ideas, Day 3: How about some hands-on fun?

COOKIES: Have you ever made resurrection cookies? Honestly, they aren't the tastiest thing in the world, but my kids thought they were cool.  They look like tombs and are empty (hallow) on the inside. Here is the recipe:  Resurrection Cookies.

EGGS:  Each Easter, my sister-in-law brings Resurrection Eggs, 12 plastic eggs filled with symbols that walk us through the narrative. We take turns reading the verse and opening the eggs. The last egg, of course, is empty! This site has some good ideas: Resurrection Eggs. I suppose you could do this as sort of a count down, opening a new egg each night for the 12 nights leading up to Easter.

LILIES: Two years ago, my daughter filled our vases with Handprint Easter Lilies.

For more fun and games, check out my friend Michelle's site:  HubbardsCupboard.

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