Thursday, March 24, 2011

"Ding!" Time to go potty!

Every 20 minutes around our house, a timer goes off.

Every 20 minutes for a week.

Sounds fun, right?

"Why?" you ask.  Well, I'm potty training my two year old, of course!

It's the method I've used w/ my other three kids. I don't know where I got the idea, but for us, it works.

Basically, when I think he's ready, I put him in underwear and try to stay home as much as possible. While home, every twenty minutes, a timer goes off and I have him sit on the potty. He gets a jelly bean for trying. If he happens to go, then he gets two! And he gets to help flush it away. That is very exciting.

The first two days are, well, messy. He's learning what going potty is all about. It takes a bit of time to move from, "Uh Oh, mess," to realizing the feeling before he has to go.

I'm on day 3 right now, and it's going well. Last night, he was dry for about 5 hours straight!

Hopefully, by the first of next week, I'll stretch it to 40 minutes and he'll start to tell me, rather than relying on the timer. That's the goal, anyway.

And to be honest, the timer is really for me. I'm just too distracted with life to remember to have the little guy try! So the timer reminds me  that, "Hey, easily distracted mom, you're potty training, remember?"

What advice would you give someone who was potty training their child for the first time?


kayla.sue said...

that's so great! maybe i should try and use a timer to help potty train my 4 month old puppy!

BeckyE said...

How fun, Kayla! What kind of puppy is it?

kayla.sue said...

she is a lab/retriever mix named Esther!