Monday, March 7, 2011

Getting a Shot that Lasts Longer Than a Moment

I just finished reading The Gospel and Personal Evangelism by Mark Dever. It's a quick, powerful read that gives you a good shot in the arm.

Shots don't usually feel good at the time. My two year old is way behind on his vaccinations, a topic that I don't really care to get into now--but regardless, when we decided the time had come to start giving them, it wasn't a very pleasant experience in the moment. However, after a brief cry of pain, the distraction of the band aid calmed his soul like it never happened.

However, the shot I received from reading this little book--well--I don't want it to be forgotten as though nothing happened.

Take this passage for example:

"What are your circumstances right now? Trust the Lord to use you in them instead of seeking for new ones. Don't let the passing permanence of your world or the lulling tedium of certain long hours and minutes make a fool of you. The days are "evil" (Eph 5:16) in the sense that they are dangerous and fleeting, and we must redeem the time and make the most of every hour. So we say with Paul that, in view of a certain judgment, Christ's love compels us to tell the good news to others (see II Cor 3:10-15). We must be honest not only about the cost of repentance, but also about the expiration date of the offer. Such honesty compels us to urgency." (Dever, p 58-59)

What moments of tedium do you face? For me, it's the endless pile of dishes and loads of laundry that stare at me day by day. It's the question of "What's for dinner" and "Can I have a snack?" It's the carpet that looks dirty again hours after I've vacuumed.

So I often look to the next fun thing. Like reading a new blog. Writing another story. Going out with friends. I try and fill in my tedium with fun.

Some fill their tedium with food. Or TV. Or sporting events. Or working out. Or church activities. Or... what is yours?

I don't want to just fill in the time. I want it to have purpose. I can use those moments by the sink to pray for the lost. I can teach my children the truths of Jesus while we fold towels. I can make an extra meal for someone along side my own.

I can do these things.

But will I?

Will you?

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