Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Nearly Free Dates

I love going on a date with my husband! Last night I was thinking, we are in such a great city, there should be dozens of nearly-free dates available. This takes creativity because it goes beyond dinner and a movie. (And a trip to Target - we always end up shopping at Target...) I made them nearly-free because you still might want to get a coffee, bring a picnic lunch, or get something for dinner. And then there's always the babysitter.

Speaking of, some friends of mine do monthly date night swaps. Twice a month one family watches the kids while the other couple goes out. I think it's brilliant! Especially if you don't have grandparents close by.

As I started brain storming, I realized that it was harder than I thought! That's where you come in - add your ideas to the comments! Here is the list so far:

Art Museum on Thursdays
Play Chess or another game at Starbucks
The Library
Walk around the mall, people watch
Make your own movie
Cook something new together

Hike at Cool Creek Park, or another park
Walk the Canal
Free Summer Concerts all over the place
Bike, Rollerblade, or walk the Monon
Play Tennis
Outdoor at the Art Museum

Ok, this needs some work! Ideas, please! :)


Joy said...

This is a little random but for a free double date (or even a few more couples) you can come up with a photo scavenger hunt...running around town as couples trying to find a list of items (there are tons of list online if you Google "photo scavenger hunt") to take pictures of...then come back together to share all your fun photos. Not only is it fun and random but it makes for a fun night with your hubby and friends (most of the time you get to spend with your hubby though).

Stephanie said...

HI Becky! It's been a while since I've visted your blog- looks like you've been busy with lots of good ideas about Christmas and everything else! One thing that is not such an expensive thing to do would be ice skating. I know you can go downtown or to the Pepsi Coliseum and it's usually not too much for skate rental and admittance. And if you have your own skates, it's even cheaper!

Jenna said...

How about renting a movie from the library and having date night at home, with popcorn, etc? Or this time of year you could go for a drive hunting christmas lights!