Monday, September 10, 2007

The ultimate story

I need to write the ultimate story for my kids. It needs to include puppies (or other animals), a prince and a princess, and lots of trucks, trains, tractors, or cars. That would cover all three of my children! Here are some ideas:

- A Prince and a Princess from a faraway land get mysteriously transported to the future, with flying cars, trains, etc and they get separated. Only with the help of the magical talking puppies do they get reunited.

- A poor boy saves up all his money to ride the train - his dream. He does it by raising puppies and selling them to good homes. While on the train, he meets an unexpected person - a young princess, running away so she doesn't have to live in the palace. After the train ride, he brings her back to his farm and his family teaches her about farm life. She rides tractors, milks cows, collects eggs. After her adventure, she decides it is time to go home, only she's stronger and has learned to appreciate her family and what she has.

More to come...

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