Saturday, September 29, 2007

Abby and Santa

Abby got the commercial she auditioned for earlier this month. The shoot went very well, I was so proud of her. I don't know many children who would sit on Santa's lap for 2 1/2 hours under the hot lights without complaining!

I couldn't have been a more proud Mom!

Here are a few pictures:

Kat, our wonderful hair and makeup artist, Abby twirling in her dress while she waited, sitting with Santa, and about half of the crew. The rest were behind me.


slburton3 said...

Yea! I am so happy for you and Abby! She is a lovely girl, and I'm sure she and Santa became best buddies after that. I feel sorry for Santa in his outfit under those lights!

Mom said...

I am so proud of her. I love the picture of her twirling. I agree that I feel sorry for Santa in that outfit for all that time.