Friday, September 7, 2007


When I was in high school we had a cat named Monti. He was an orange and white cat that acted more like a dog. While getting ready for school in the bathroom at the top of the stairs, I would throw down Q-Tips. He would fly after them and "fetch" the Q-tips, bringing them back to me.

At first we wondered where the Q-tips went when he tired of the game, but we later discovered he had buried his treasures under the hallway rug! What a great cat!

Monti slept with me for awhile, but that ended when I threw him across the room accidentally. I awoke, suffocating, with a cat on my head, and I sent him sailing with out even thinking. I lost my bed-mate after that!

My parents thought I might be allergic to Monti so they gave him away. I always missed him. I did, that is, until now!!

Have you heard of Webkinz? I bought one for each of my girls, and I had so much fun playing, I bought one for myself! (To play with them, of course...) I chose an Orange and White cat and named him Monti. I let the girls play with the stuffed animal, but I can now see my beloved cat again online whenever I wish. I can even buy him clothes, decorate his room, and give him a bubble bath. It really is cool...

I'm glad I have little girls so I can enjoy things like this!

Here he is, sleeping in the little bed I bought him. :)


Anonymous said...

He is cute. I'm glad you have Monti back.


Mom said...

He is cute. I am glad you now have Monti back.