Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Poem: Our Hope

I wrote this back in high school and just found it while going through old papers this week. I had forgotten about it.

Our Hope

Before roses had thorns, and women had pain, God walked with men.
In a Perfect Paradise, free from troubles, God laughed with men.

No sadness to mourn, no trial to battle, no worries or cares.
No sickness to bare, no burden to carry, no dangers to fear.

No heart-broken lovers, no unloyal friends, no questions of why,
No purposeless living, no sin to regret, no reason to cry.

In a world with everything, the lie of all lies, that God's plan is not good,
it tricked humankind - deceived us to death - it still reigns in our world.

That He's not enough, that we need something more than His good Will allows.
That if we run extra hard, look very close, happiness will follow.

Just around the corner. Behind door number three. Over the next pass.
Reach that next goal. Stray from the path. Fulfillment at last.

I know it will be in the next human being,
Then I'll be happy - If I had just one more thing.

But it's never enough.

A vicious cycle of running around, opening new doors.
For what do we live? We "know" it is Christ - what do we really live for?

Looking Christ-like for others? Obeying the rules? Just playing the game?
So we feel good, so they think we're it, but it's just a charade.

"To live is Christ... and do die is gain." Is that true in our life?
If we only knew - really knew - the Way aside from this strife!

Don't you see?

We are forgiven, free from our burden, and saved by His blood.
God wins in the end! He's made us a Home! He calls us his sons!

We're not of this world, where treasure turns dust and thieves come to steal.
We're children of God! Co-heirs with Christ! There's hope that is real!

The knowledge of God, and Christ's love for us - There's true joy in this!
When we've left this place, when we're done passing through, we'll be where there is...

No sadness to mourn,
No trial to battle,
No worries or cares.

No sickness to bear,
No burden to carry,
No dangers to fear.

No heart-broken lovers,
No unloyal friends,
No questions of why.

No purposeless living,
No sin to regret,
No reason to cry.

A Perfect Paradise, talking and laughing with God, As when the rose had no thorns.
Then we'll be happy. Then we'll be fulfilled. When we're with our Lord!

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mom said...

This is beautiful. Heaven will truly be a wonderful place. You really should start publishing some of your work. You need to find someone you can write for.