Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Doo Doo and the Grumpy Giant

Tonight I'll share another Doo Doo Story that I found rather inventive. Again, the girls helped me fill in the blanks. This is by far the longest one!!!

Once upon a time, there was a large, mean, ugly giant who lived in the sky. His ears were so large that he could hear everything all the time and he never got any sleep. All night he was disturbed by crickets and toads in the pond. Each morning he'd wake up to the sound of children playing outside and birds in the trees. The noise was so loud that he finally stormed out of bed, grumpy as ever, and slammed open his door.

"Be Quiet!" the giant bellowed. Everyone froze. They ran away in fear, the children with tears in their eyes, telling stories of the angry giant. Before long, no one came near the giant's castle for fear of his anger.

The Giant's sleeping woes continued, however, because even the sound of the wind kept him awake through the night.

One evening, the Giant heard a buzzing sound. He tried swatting it away, but soon it grew louder and louder. The Giant grabbed a glass and trapped the little noise maker - who was none other than our Teeny Tiny Black Bug Friend named... Doo Doo!

"How dare you buzz around my castle, making so much noise! I am going to smoosh you at once!" The Giant declared.

"Please, don't," Doo Doo pleaded. "I promise that if you spare my life, I will help you get a good night's sleep every night for the rest of your life."

The giant paused, his fist in the air, ready to smash the little speck. "You really think you can help me sleep? You? You're so small!" And the Giant roared in laughter.

Doo Doo, "Please give me a chance. If it doesn't work, you can smoosh me anyway. I'll just need one day."

The Giant agreed to these terms, and the next morning, he removed the glass and freed the bug. As Doo Doo flew away, the Giant warned, "If you don't come back, I'll find you! You'll be sorry!"

Doo Doo flew as fast as he could. He had to work quickly because he needed to be back before the Giant's bedtime.

Doo Doo began racing through the land, up higher and higher, until his little wings began to grow weak and tired. Just when he thought he'd never make it, he saw Cloud City, just over the mountain.

Doo Doo rushed around Cloud City, looking for two clouds just the right size for the Giant's ears. Once he found them, he began carrying them back to the castle.

It was a long journey back, and Doo Doo knew that he could never make alone. The clouds were too heavy and the flight was too long. Just when his spirits were almost shattered, his friend the Eagle came swooping by. "Doo Doo, you look exhausted! What is wrong? Can I help?"

"Oh yes!" Doo Doo exclaimed. "I'm trying to fly all the way back to the Giant's castle by sunset, but I don't think I'll make it."

"Climb on my back," the Eagle offered, "and I'll fly you there. But I'll only go as far as the gate. I'm too afraid of the Giant."

Doo Doo happily accepted the offer, and he soared with the Eagle over the mountain and back to the Castle.

At the gate, Doo Doo flew off with his clouds and thanked the Eagle, who replied, "It was my pleasure, Doo Doo. You are always helping everyone else. This is the least I can do to thank you." With that, the Eagle took off back into the sky. "Be safe!" he called.

Doo Doo found an open window and sailed back into the Giant's bedroom, just as the sun was beginning to set.

"You came back! What is your plan for my good night's sleep?" The Giant demanded.

Doo Doo offered the clouds to the giant. "Put these in your ears. They're just the right size. I promise you that you will not be bothered until you remove them in the morning." Just in case, the Giant captured Doo Doo in the cup again, put the clouds in his ears, and went to bed.

When the sun poured into his window, the Giant opened his eyes and heard... nothing. Absolutely nothing. A smile spread across his face. He threw off the covers, jumped out of bed, and ran to the window. He laughed a big, joyous laugh, and ran to Doo Doo and asked, "How can I ever thank you? This is amazing! That was the best night of sleep I've ever had!"

Doo Doo was relieved that his plan had worked. From then on, word spread of the Giant's kindness and joyful spirit, and the children and birds and animals were no longer afraid. Most of all, the Giant never ever forgot the help of his good friend, the teeny tiny black bug named Doo Doo.

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