Saturday, March 24, 2007

A Teeny Tiny Black Bug Named...

My kids and I always tell each other stories. I used to keep Abby from crying in the car when she was just a baby by telling endless tales about all different animals, complete with voices and sound effects. As she got older, she joined the game and we'd go back and forth, adding to the stories. Now Katie actively participates, and the creativity continues.

Our favorite hero was created a few years ago when I left the name of the character blank. I said, "There was a teeny tiny black bug named..."

And Katie shouted out, "Doo Doo!" So Doo Doo he became. He's been the lead in dozens of stories that I eventually want to write down. Always ready to help, Doo Doo is a great example of what a friend should be - despite his embarrassing name.

I'll probably share some Doo Doo stories on here when I have nothing else to write about. We've tried drawing what Doo Doo looks like, but the best rendition is a dot on the page - because he is so teeny tiny.

On this note, I have to recommend a game that we love to play: Playchest Silly Story Maker. We've had it a few months and it is a family favorite. The stories you make up are endless, and the kids don't even know they're learning reading comprehension and retention.

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