Monday, March 26, 2007

Getting from here to way over there...

I have a tendancy in conversation to change the topic randomly. Although it might seem completely unrelated, it isn't. So I'm ganna show you how it works. I won't edit my thoughts at all. I'll just go with the flow. Here goes:

I just took an online typing speed test and scored 95 words per minute. I wasn't surprised. I've been typing since elementary school. In 6th grade I wrote an 80 page book, single spaced. I have a 3 inch thick binder of every letter I ever typed and gave to people in school. The down side to that is that I tend to be really lengthy in my writings. I can type about as fast as I think, which means that I can change subjects and jump around about as crazily as my mind works normally. The washer just kicked in. I wonder if its really washing the clothes, or just getting them wet. It bugs me when my Downy ball doesn't pop open until I'm unloading the wash and then fabric softener gets all over everything and I have to re-wash the load. Did you know fabric softener stains? I ruined an entire load last week. Even this favorite blue long-sleeved T Shirt my sister in law gave me now looks tie-dyed in the middle. A few months ago I ruined a load of sweaters b/c I accidentally threw in a dry clean only sweater and it deteriorated on all the other sweaters. The up side is having to buy new clothes, but really, I don't get out clothes-shopping much with the kids so it's more of a hassle than anything else. When I just had Abby we'd go to 4-5 stores at a time and loved it. We were building our home at the time, so my stores mainly consisted of Lowes, Sherwin Williams, Target, Costco, Lowes again. Because you know how home projects are. You think you have everything and then you get into the project and realize you must have used all of your paint rollers last time. Or you didn't have quite as many nails left for all those pictures. I once tried to use big 3 inch nails to hang pictures all over as a family picture wall, and it looks like bullet holes behind each frame. Not to mention I'm really not a perfectionist at all and I didn't exactly hammer it in the right place the first time - ever. So I had to reposition and nail again, creating even more holes. Funny thing is, when we changed out the frames, rather than puttying the walls (like the Morans would do) and repainting, we just figured out how to hang the new frames so they'd fit over the old holes. For the most part it worked. I'm glad Lee doesn't care either. It sure makes it easier! Of course, the pictures are never straight anyway b/c the kids jump on the couch and they get bumped. I guess I could tape the backs - that would probably work - but I'll probably forget about it as soon as I step out of this chair and walk away from the computer. Did you know, by the way, that my computer chair has glue on it? Really! I sit down quickly to print out a recipe, then a half hour later I walk back into the kitchen to get some juice for Nate and I realize I never printed out the recipe. It's like a black hole of time. I used to think that reading really made the time tick away, but not like email or the internet. In fact, I fear my chair so much that usually I'll come into the office, click "send and receive," and I'll never sit down. Just a quick email check, I tell myself. Then I'll leave. Reminds me of an email I got in highschool, "You know you're addicted to the internet when..." And a few of them were "there's an emptiness in you when you hear your internet hang up," but we've solved that one now with DSL and we can stay on 24-hours a day. Or you start smiling sideways :) but with the invention of smilies, most of us no longer have kinks in our neck. I did the craziest thing today! I was running to answer the phone, slid on one of the girls' dress-up-dresses, and my legs kicked out to my right side, I flew up in the air, and landed straight down on my hip. I went to get up right away to get the phone, thinking I was fine, but I couldn't move. I just laid there, groaning. At least I fell on the squishiest part of my hip. Good thing I hadn't been to the gym the last two weeks, right Lori? Abby came out, kissed my head. What hurt the most was the headache b/c my teeth slammed together. In fact, I still have a headache. Ugh. I think I know what would fix it - getting out of this sticky, time-erasing chair and heading to bed. Probably a good idea. So I'm off! But first, you know, before I go, I'll have to check my email and message boards one more time, and if there's nothing there, I'll preview my Shutterfly Family Album I'm working on and then see if anyone commented on my blog - which of course the answer would be NO because who on earth would read this?

So if you ever wonder if I'm talking to you and I say:

"I took a typing test recently. I type fast. By the way, have you read my blog?"

You'll know how my brain got from typing tests to my blog.......... question solved! It's not really that strange, is it?


Lori said...

I assume we won't be going to the gym tomorrow (today) either since you gracefully fell on your hip and I am still up at 1:30 a.m. reading your blog??!! lol Thanks for keeping me entertained during my insomnia...too many diet cokes maybe??

rebecca said...

I totally understand and(the scarier part)followed you random thinking. Seemed quite logical to me. This is the kind of blog I do read. Also, I read Ian's which is found at whenever your glue is completely dry on your chair.