Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hemming Jeans: Pinterest Success!

When you are vertically challenged like me, the bottoms of your jeans get frayed and tangled. I've just learned to deal with it.

But I saw a tutorial on Pinterest HERE that I thought looked doable for the girl who owns a sewing machine but doesn't know how to really use it.

Guess what: it worked!!

I hemmed a pair of my husband's too!

I got "sew" excited, and my machine was already out, that I tried another of her tutorials: How to Make Skinny Jeans.

I had a pair of black capris bound for Goodwill that always looked like they were dress pants I'd shrunk. I figured I'd give it a try.

Her blog is pretty amazing. Check out her other tutorials. I just might end up making a bag out of a sweater or something like that. (As long as I don't use anyone's good sweater, of course, like the dog boots....)

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