Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Remembering Thankfulness

Words for Wednesdays

154. Faces with smiles
155. Candy Milk Straws
156. Leftovers
157. Drawers full of clean clothes

That is where I left off on my thankful list, many months ago. If you haven't read Ann Voskamp's book 1000 Gifts, make it a goal to pick it up before the end of the year. It will change how you see your life.

While reading her blog today, I was reminded so clearly about the need for thankfulness in our daily routine.While dialoging about bucket lists, she reminds us, "Because the way to really live is not to try to fill your life up — but to spill your life out."


"When your cup’s already full of the blessings of God, you don’t need a bucket list.
You’re ready to pour your bucket right out."

So true!

Read the blog, then read the book. You'll be thankful you did. The background music alone is worth the trip to her blog. :)

So now I dust off my journal and add--

158. Ann Voskamp
159. Two arms to carry both a bike and scooter home on our long walk/ride.
160. The scent of pumpkin bread in the oven my daughter made.
161. Food for the week.
162. A basket full of fresh produce.


Anonymous said...

I'd be thankful if my daughter would make me an oven, too! (guess who)

BeckyE said...

Lol, there is no way I can guess. I suppose I have a VERY talented daughter!! :)