Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lamplighter Ebook Sale

Words for Wednesdays

Books that change your life are hard to find. Especially when they were written a hundred or more years ago, and have since gone out of print!

If you have spoken to me for 5 minutes about books, I'm sure you've heard me rave about Lamplighter Publishing. They take out of print should-be classics and reprint them with beautiful leather covers. I love my little collection!

The books are life-changers. Right now, the e-book versions are 50% off! ($4.99) I could hardly wait to add a few to my virtual shelf. Although I adore the look and feel of the real books, I can't pass up a good deal, and in the end, reading it on my computer with Kindle for PC or holding it in my hands - I'm still getting a chance to read it!

If you buy only one family-aged Lamplighter book, I recommend Teddy's Button. Our entire family fell in love with the little boy and his adventures to fight his giant. It goes so well with our church's current sermon series about Killing Sin that I'm going to make it our bedtime reading.

I had to do some jumping around to have these .mobi files appear in my Kindle Cloud, but it worked using these instructions:

Moving .mobi docs to the cloud.

Have you been hooked on Lamplighter books yet? What's your favorite?


Don Bartemus said...

Becky, while looking for moving books for my Liam I found MoonBots IMAG-N-TRON,an app for iPad. Simon and Schuster has a book called the Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore. $.99 got me the book. Don

Don Bartemus said...

I found Moonbot IMAG-N-TRON The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore. $.99 iPad app. Fun for my Liam. Don

Don Bartemus said...

Becky, I found Moonbot IMAG-N-TRON $.99 iPad app. The Fantastic Flying Books. Liam loves it. Don

BeckyE said...

Thanks, Pator Don! I'll check it out :)