Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Harvest of Rubies

Words for Wednesdays

I know better than to start a highly-recommended book at 10 PM, but that's when the house is quiet, and so this month, I cracked open Tessa Afshar's book, Harvest of Rubies, after the kids were fast asleep, and I didn't put it down until I read the last page in the wee morning hours. It was well-written, gripping, and very inspirational.It even brought a few tears.

When Janet Parshall commented on her program that it was a historical fiction novel based on a cousin of Nehemiah, I ordered it right away. I love books like that. :) 

I want to read it again with highlighter in hand. I don’t want to forget anytime soon the lesson of the grapevine. How often do I hold onto the pruned branch, wanting that life back? I might find an image of a grapevine and frame it for my home.

If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, you’ll have to read it for yourself. One element that I really enjoyed was that the heroine wasn’t perfect. She struggles with things common to all of us. I’m sure that if I were to meet her today, she’d have uneven fingernails, a stain on her shirt, and she might have misplaced her glasses… a little like me. A little like all of us.


Tessa Afshar said...

Dear Becky,

Loved your review! I thought your summary of Sarah was right on. I could see her exactly as you described her. Sorry to keep you up so late, though. Let's blame it on Janet Parshall...



BeckyE said...

Tessa - What a delight to see you show up in my comments! I'd like to personally thank you for your inspirational story. It hit me right where I am in so many ways. I'm so very excited to devour all of your others books that are to come. (I already read and loved Pearl in the Sand!) Thanks for using your gifts for God's glory! I'll be praying for your continued inspiration. :)