Monday, May 11, 2009

My Heritage

While making dinner tonight, I was listening to Swing Music and thinking about how much I liked the new Star Trek Movie. Then I thought, “This is sort of a strange combination.” I started pondering how the different people in my life have shaped me into the person I am.

I can thank my Grandpa Hogan for my love of swing music, men’s barber shop quartets, old black and white movies, and black tea with milk and sugar. I sure miss him. Heaven will be a sweet place. My Grandma Hogan taught me how to color and has passed on a passion for all things crafty and artistic. I can thank my dad for my love of Star Trek, other science fiction, Mexican food, eating out, and 50’s Rock and Roll Music. I owe my mom for instilling in me the habit of having a personal time with God daily and also for my killer Scrabble game. My Grandma Stelzer has shown me by personal example how to raise a large family by being frugal, showing love, and minding her own business unless asked for advice.

I wish I learned how to be patient like my Dad and Grandpa Hogan. I wish I knew how to keep a clean and orderly house like my mom. I wish I knew how to paint like my Grandma Hogan. I wish I knew how to love animals, for the sake of my daughter Abby, like my Grandma Stelzer does.

But it didn’t all stick.

I wonder what parts of me will stick on my kids.

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Steph said...

That's sweet. Isn't it fascinating how bits and pieces of our lives are made up from the family and loved ones that surround us. Teach your kids to appreciate all that makes people up- get them to be good "tape" and lots of good things will "stick" to them over the years!