Saturday, May 16, 2009

I Will Trust You

Our church has their Spring Musical "Glorious" this weekend, and we went Friday night. Having little Kevin has left me a bit sleep deprived & spiritually dry, which is to be expected - it's a season I've experienced for a couple of months after each baby - and I was enjoying passively the musical until about half way through when they sang “I Will Trust You.” My brain locked in and God used it to refresh my heart. I wanted to share the words with you.

I Will Trust You
Words & Music by Sue C. Smith, David Moffitt, & Travis Cottrell

You can still the pounding of the ocean.
You can move Your hand and stop the rain.
You can speak and calm this storm around me.
But even if it rages on and on… I will trust You.

You can help me stand on ground that’s shaking,
Make the earth a rock beneath my feet.
You can light the road that I am trav’ling…
But even if the darkness covers me… I will trust You.

You have been faithful. You have been good.
You have been perfect to a thousand generations.
So I will not waver, and I will not be moved.
I will trust You.

If I call Your name and You are silent,
If it feels like mercy may not come,
If I cannot see how you will rescue,
I will still believe I’m not alone.
I will trust You.

When the mountains fall,
When the waves come crashing in,
I will trust You.

You are the faithful God,
I will put my trust in You,
I will trust You.

You alone are God,
There is nothing You can’t do,
I will trust You.

I will not be moved,
I will not be shaken,
I will trust You.

Until the last breath I am given,
Or the sky rolls back for Your return.
Until the day when every question’s answered,
Knowing You are with me is enough.

I will trust You.

For information about seeing the musical this weekend, visit Spring Musical "Glorious"


Jenna said...

Becky, I have no idea why but I had a dream a few nights ago that you called me and told me that you were expecting number five... that was a dream right? :)

Becky said...

Yes, it was a dream! But maybe you were reflecting? Could it be you? :)