Monday, June 2, 2008

Ahhh.. Grocrey Shopping

Riddle: What do Jalapeno Peppers and Sparkling Grape Juice Have in Common?

I have a grocery shopping plan that I implemented last fall. I do a major shopping trip the first of the month, usually at Aldi and Costco, I buy my meat ahead of time through farmers, and I have my produce delivered weekly through Farm Fresh Delivery. This way, other than an occasional loaf of bread (which I don't like to eat frozen...), I can avoid grocery shopping the other 29 days of the month!

So today was the day - the large grocery shopping day. The nice part of it is that we have food again in our pantry! But the actual trip is usually quite an ordeal, buying food for 4 weeks.

This time was no exception. The kids are great helpers, but today God used them to teach me patience.

Answer: So what do those two items have in common? They sound the same when crashed on the grocery store floor!

The juice broke when Nate was trying to help down the aisle. He was promptly put back into the cart seat. The jalepenos broke when Katie was helping me bag the groceries.

The man who cleaned up was very nice, and that helped. I just kept thinking, "My goal is to grocery shop and not sin," taken from an illustration from our Pastor a few weeks ago.

Overall, we remained calm and made it home in once piece. The groceries are just about put away, and I'm ready to relax. Maybe with a glass of juice!

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A said...

I love your blog! You are refreshing AND funny!
Amie Hubbard