Tuesday, May 27, 2008

One of those days

It's a cookie dough day. I'm eating it right now for lunch.

There are dirty dishes in my sink and the dishwasher is full.
I'm halfway through laundry, so it's still all over the place.
My kitchen floor is sticky.
The carpets need a vacuum to come and rescue them.
You can't even see the carpet in the play room.
There is toothpaste all over the kid's sink.
My "file pile" is getting too large and will soon topple over.
Random creative art projects are strewn around the school room.
There's a large pile at the bottom of the stairs of things that should go upstairs.
We're out of milk, bread, and juice.
My "to do" list of things that aren't even house related is growing beyond the page.

I'm caught up on my blog reading.
I've played a little facebook scrabble.
My children finished all their school work today.
The cookie dough really is delicious.
I've chatted with my mom on the phone.
My bed is made!
I've replied to a few emails.

I'll have to give you an update on my day tomorrow.

Because I know that if a little adrenaline kicks in, I will run around and clean up the house. So until it hits, I think I'll go read a magazine outside while the kids play on the playset.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you and I had similar days. Only... I didn't think of cookie dough... or a magazine! What is wrong with me? :)
oooo.... I have coke-- NAME BRAND coke in the fridge. hmmmm....

Enjoy your day tomorrow. We can compare notes (I know I have to go to the store. water for all 3 meals is pretty bad. and if I have to eat chicken nuggets 3 times this week, I think I will just stop eating.)


Amie Hubbard said...

I enjoy your blog so much! You are so authentic and encouraging! Thanks for sharing your life experiences with me through your awesome blog! You actually inspired me to start my own:)-www.rosesalongtheway.blogspot.com.
Amie Hubbard