Friday, January 11, 2008

"Happy" New Year!

How have you started your year?

Here's how we have spent the past week:

Yes, they look great, don't they? We had the fever/cold virus fly through our home. It hasn't left yet, stubborn thing. Thankfully they all have it at once, so it might not drag on for all of January. (Notice they are all holding their medicine cups for pain reliever.)

Ahh, winter. Some might think of snowball fights, hot cocoa, snowmen, and warm fires, but for a mom of three, I think of Stain-Free Motrin, late-night baths to reduce fevers, disinfectant, and vitamin C!

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Jenna said...

Poor kids! I had a similar something that lingered for a week and a half (which I was suffering from while traveling back to Indiana). I gave it to my husband, my mother and my father. What a lovely Christmas present, hunh?
Hope it moves through your house quickly!