Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Enough is Enough!!!

I can put up with political correctness to a point. Go ahead and say Happy Holidays, put Santa in the malls, and air "It's a Wonderful Life" on TV. Fine with me. I'm not complaining. I know what Christmas is really about, so I'm not offended.

But I draw the line at changing the words to tried-and-true, familiar CHRISTmas songs!

I recently took my girls to the Yuletide Celebration downtown for the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. Abby was in their commercial, so I thought it would be fun to see the show together.

The African Children's Choir was wonderful, Sandy Patty, the hostess, wore more outfits than I have in my closet, and overall the show was cute and light hearted. That is, until they sang "Oh Come All Ye Faithful."

It was a large number, with a majority of the cast included. The orchestra was brilliant, and right at the end, in a large, grand crescendo of a finale, they sang:

"Oh come let us adore Him.... Joy to the world!"

And with their arms in the air and smiles beaming, I was about ready to be ill.

"What?" I almost yelled to the people next to me. "Joy to the World? Those aren't the words!"

(In case you don't know, the song is supposed to end with "Christ the Lord.")

I didn't complain about the tap-dancing Santas or the Up on the Housetop songs. I thought it was cute when they showed Santa going down the Chimney and then flying away with his reindeer. I'm not asking for a religious experience when I go and see a secular holiday show. But, and I emphasize this GREATLY, if you're going to sing a song about MY LORD, then sing it right!

You'd better believe I plan on writing them a letter.

Enough is enough.


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REM said...

Disturbing, yet not surprising.

Betsy said...

Knowing myself, that is exactly what I would have done! WHAT! THAT'S NOT THE WAY THE SONG GOES!! RIDICULOUS! Sad...