Friday, November 23, 2007

The Tree Hunt

The 10th Annual Tree Hunt

A tradition we've had since we've been married is to cut down our tree the day after Thanksgiving. Each year we head out in search of a tree farm. We never go the same way twice, and we usually end up somewhere new.

This year was no exception. We headed into town, knowing that there was a tree farm we hadn't been to. It was actually easy to find, which was pleasantly surprising.

We found the perfect tree, made sure it was straight, decorated it with memories, and sat back to gaze at the lights. Peaceful. It was a perfect evening with our family. The girls hung most of the ornaments, while Nathan played with everything breakable.

Nothing profound happened, but that is what made the night so special. It reminds me of the night Jesus was born. There was nothing profound or amazing about the hay, manger, and the smell of animals.

The profound and amazing part was Jesus himself. He was Divine. That's what makes the night so special. And I guess that is why ours was special too.

May your family truly enjoy the real meaning of Christmas this season!

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