Thursday, November 15, 2007


Where does my peace come from? It is a miracle of God. Unexplainable. I could try and write a whole blog about how real God is in my life, but it really just shows by the peace that is in my soul that flows out after spending time talking with my Creator.

Not all days are peaceful. Last week we moved, and my books were packed, and I'd misplaced my Bible amidst the boxes. I was staying up late at night, giving me a good excuse to sleep in later than usual and skipping my chats with God. At first it was ok, I was sailing along on a reserve tank. But as the week progressed, I grew irritable, judgmental, overwhelmed, self-righteous, impatient, and unrealistic. (I'm sorry if it spilled out on any of you!)

Saturday night I put my bedroom together and found my books, journals, and ahhh, my Bible. So God and I sat down together. He had to show me quite vividly how rotten my heart had gotten in such a short amount of time away from Him.

It's no wonder He teaches us to pray, saying, "Give us our DAILY bread." Just as I get hungry every day, I need to be hungry for Him daily as well.

Yes, I'm feeble and frail. I am not super woman. But I serve a Super God who has promised to be faithful and enable me to do all the works He's prepared for me. That is where my peace comes from.

"Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you."
James 4:8

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Sherri said...

Amen, sister! You have to read James Ch.1 too...I've gotten a ton from that letter! :)