Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My hobby, my plague!

I want to take a moment out of my packing to shout out a loud "Thank You" to Shutterfly and the Digital World!

While packing my office, I discovered yet another tub FULL to the top of photo albums. Huge Ones. I already have these packed up elsewhere. This tub is about 4x3x2, no kidding. It's so heavy I can't even drag it across the room. It has been sitting there just about forever.

I HATE PHOTO ALBUMS! I've always been picture crazy, and it shows. I have my entire life documented in pictures. Add them to my journals, and you have a long, boring script for a 3 part epic length movie. Sheesh, I have so many pictures you could probably skip the filming process and just flip them like a flip book to make a movie.

And they plague me, because I just can't throw them away, but I know in my mind that my children will never want to sit down and look through a hundred albums of old mom. I need to consolidate my life into one book. What a cute baby, yes I styled my hair like that in middle school, that's my first boyfriend, the gold sash at graduation means I was in the top 10% of my class in high school, this is when daddy and I got married, and here you are.

So what to do with them now? Move them, I guess, until I get a spare, oh, month with nothing to do but sort through pics, scan them in, and make a cute book.

So why do I want to thank Shutterfly? Because now for the last few years I've had them make my books digitally and I have such cute, thin little books that barely take up any space on a shelf. I still get my yearly album in, but it's ever so much smaller!

So thank you for simplifying my present - just need to figure out how to clear out the past...

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Erin Craig said...

I found your blog thru Rocks in My Dryers blog. I have looked around and enjoyed it so I thought I would say hi! I really enjoyed this post. I am a photographer too and always looking for new ways to store all my photos. Thanks for sharing.