Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Home for Coco

We are looking for a new home for our adorable pet bunny, Coco. I tried listing him on Petfinder, but because he is not neutered, they won't accept my post.

Here is a picture of him playing outside on his harness:

Coco is a one year old brown and white Mini Rex. He has been greatly loved in our basement by our children. However, we are moving to a home w/o a basement and are afraid Coco won't be safe from our dog. He'll come with toys and accessories, but no cage.

He is a very playful bunny who loves to run, but then gets tired and likes to be cuddled. He is not a fat and lazy rabbit.

Do you know of anyone who would like another member of the family? Let me know!

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slburton3 said...

You are moving? When and where? Sorry we won't be at flock group tonight to catch up. Have a good weekend! And I hope someone takes your bunny. He's a cutie!