Saturday, August 18, 2007

Bored Summer Days

What did you spend your Summer Days as a freshman in High School doing? I could have been doing a lot of things, but I was making movies with my friends - very dumb movies that we thought were absolutely hysterical! We recently sat down and watched them. Oh my goodness - what were we thinking? But I have to admit, they were so stupid, they were actually funny... Well, at least to those of us who were there. My husband was like, "What in the world???" Probably a good thing he didn't see them before he married me... might have thought twice! :)

So none of us went into the film industry, and we probably can't use them to enter the "On The Lot" reality show, but it was fun, and I suppose there could have been worse things, right??? :)


Jenna said...

Thank goodness I didn't know you until 10th grade then, hunh? :) (Jenna, formerly Doty, here!)

It's good to find you! Your children are absolutely adorable.

If you get a change, check out my blog:

Becky said...

YEA! You have a blog!! :-) I love reading them.. And of course I love blog readers as you understand! :-)

And you know what – I think I have some videos of you too!!!  Remember my birthday party when we all had to make up skits? You did the abortion one with the balloon in the belly with Erika Palmer and you popped the balloon!!!! LOL