Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Even Now

I read a fun fiction book the other night, "Even Now" by Karen Kingsbury. I let myself get into things, so I had to finish it the night I started or it would consume me the next day. :) I cried, I laughed - I thought it was very well written. It's fun to escape into someone else's life every once in awhile.

The title comes from a man telling a woman in the book "Even Now, I'll love you." In other words, even now, in our dark time. Even now in your sickness. Even now when you're grumpy. Even now, after sadness or joy. Even now. I liked that. Catchy.

Speaking of catchy, I'm quite a catch right now - the girls did my hair tonight. Ooh la la. I didn't know this many hairclips could go into one head of hair at one time!

Good night!

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Mom said...

And if she becomes half the lady that her mom is, that is a wonderful thing. Her mom Loves Jesus will everything she has and is a great role model.